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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a bay area teenager, under arrest this morning accused of sexually assaulting a domino's delivery woman. plus the mystery around a suitcase of body carts, deepens. the only suspect dice in the hospital. and strong winds bring down trees and power polls. it's not over yet. where it can affect your commute. and the bay bridge illuminated. starting our monday morning. monday, february 9th. this is "today in the bay." and a very good monday morning to you.
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we hope you have a good one. it's 4:30. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. 6789 scenes like this all over the bay area. where wind and rain brought down a 60-football oak tri. happened around 10:30. >> the men who lived inside are inside, when the tree fell. he was not hurt but did have to call a city inspector to check out the damage to his house. >> lucky, lucky. let's go to meteorologist, christi christina lynn. what are we looking at tonight? we're going deal with wind in the bay. we'll talk about what is left for this wind. and what it means for haw hoe where the showers headed right now. looking at pretty good snowfall, as long as we get snow this
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morning. more on that in moments. let's check the drive. >> it's also gusty from time to time. getting reportses of gusts of wind across the golden date bridge. pretty of awel look at the happ there's no problems as far as the speed goes and road weather index where you might see gleern on the roadways from the moisture there. there's still damp roads all over the bay and showers as kristina is talking about. lingering around. >> so far, san mateo and dumbarton bridge, despite gusting reports from time to time, and south bay a new crash reported on highway 7. we'll give you those details when we return. >> in antioch, in juvenile hall, a teen is accused of kidnapping
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and range a domino's delivery driver. police say a 17-year-old boy, forced her back into her delivery car at gunpoint and made her drive to an undisclosed location where officers say he then raped her. officers arrested the teen at the same home he asked for the pizza to be actually delivered. a new twist in the suitcase full of body parts. the only suspect is dead. the 54-year-old is dead after admitting himself to a hospital. he was release from jail last week saying there was not enough evidence to charge him. the body discovered in the suitcase has not been identified. new details now, an intense standoff with police in a high end gated community ended peacefully. it ended after a man barricade himself inside. officers said the man threatened his wife and offers.
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negotiators were called in and after 7 hours, with police. and heavy storms left some roadways slick and flood. heavy rain keeping some areas in the dark at night. and it appears pg&e's work overnight. . >> reporter: good morning. p pg&e is saying they'll try to get the power on by 6:00 a.m. you can blame yesterday's wind and rain for the outages here and other outages throughout the bay area. lots of trees came down during the storm, including one in hillsborough, which kept the timberline tree service very busy. they tell us they respond to 22 yesterday alone, dealing with these couldn't hold their own against mother nature. >> there was a lot of saturation
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in the soil. it probably had a slight lean to it over the driveway. that was enough to have the roots fail and what happened it crashed down on the gates here. it's been a very, very busy day for us. it didn't start until 10:30, 11:00. that's when we saw the front move in and a lot of wind follow. power restore. and in redwood city where we're at now. and hundreds of customers in the bay area. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. slippery roads, ponding water is stranding drivers in the bay area. this is the scene yesterday. just before noon, southbound lanes flooded creating delays of up to half an hour. another trouble zone, high street in oakland, slick roads are keeping officers busy responding to spinouts and
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accident accidents. >> you have to debee careful. >> drivers had had to veer around a mudslide off highway 17. >> a stretch of highway one is sonoma county is back open. after a tanker overturned. move than 1,000 gallons of gas went straight over the ocean. >> you know the wind, rain and east coast storm is causing problems for travelers in sso. so far there's 16 cancellations. all arrivals. but hundreds of flights out of boston have been canceled because of bad weather. local members will also go out. the airlines said call ahead before heading to the airport. >> as for power outages, we're
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looking at mike and kristina. there were 2000 across the bay. other parts of the bay are pretty evenly split around 600. >> boy, those wind gusts were setting the wind chimes going last night. it was a wind dominated event, christina. >> yet was a wind event. we picked up over 12 inches of rain. for today, what we are watching are some very light cells passing through the bay area. still slick out there. because of that wind you'll find debris on the roadway. please travel cautiously, right now the thicket selves through san rafael. pretty much dry for now but a little rainfall as we head through the next couple hours.
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we have a big change in the forecast as we get through next week. showers for today and things will taper off. your full forecast in just moments. right now, let's check on that drive after all, back to work, back to business, monday, mike? >> it is back to work and back to business. where we're looking at flashing lights on the northbound side north of will low heading up toward highway 24. where we had the flooding as we told you about yesterday. we had emergency repair blocking just past will low. before you get to marsh. that's a little slowdown for the flashing lights. look at the map. not much of one. we have a nice, smooth p flow of traffic for most of the bay. there's still rain coming down through the area. keep that in mind around the bay. the reason i'm talking about slick roads, emphasizing that, this is a spinout that actually occurred before you get to the 101 interchange.
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that should be out of lanes but yet another for the related possibility of tougher conditions out there. looking at 580, no major issues but a fender bender around the airway. and the yellow diamond, reporting flooding on the surface street in dublin. but things smooth on 580 and 680. a little more severe, maybe puddles from the overnight rains as well. so far the maze itself moves smoothly. looking at the entire north bay. no major delays. back to you. thank you very much. mike. it is 4:38. happening now, hundreds of people left their homes. the wind-driven wildfire ripped through two eastern sierra communities. 250 people from small meadows and nearby paradise are under evacuation order after a wildfire downed dozens of power
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lines over the weekend. the fire destroyed 40 homes charring 70,000 acres since they broke out friday. so far it's 75% contained. still ahead, how a selfie helped put a teenaged murder behind bars. >> plus a launch revolutionizing space troubles. coming up next what it will take to get this rocket into space today. over a million californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find
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a very good monday morning to you, taking a live look outside from south bay this morning. quite the storm that we had this weekend. we'll check the totals coming up with meteorologist christina loren. it's 4:43. happening today tried to launch then land spacex scrubbed the first attempt yesterday because of a contract cal radar tracking system failing. the rocket will send a weather satellite into space and land back on a barge in the middle of the ocean. last time they tried it it failed. in that case the rocket rap out of hydraulic fluid while landing and crashed into the barge. >> oh, wow. >> all right. you might notice an unwelcomed surprise as you fill up your gas tank this morning. uf ebeen living pretty well for a while. the price per gallon onity way
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back up and not wasting any time. >> we've been very spoiled. for more that's turn to landon downy. >> good morning to you. the latest survey sees the average price jump ping to 2:20 a gallon. s it gas is still down more than a dollar from this time last year and bay area, gas averaging 2:74 a gallon while at $2.63 in san jose. more than two dozen west coast ports are open to shipping following a shutdown. coming amid talks between the long shoreman's union and contractors. it warns a full-blown shut down could cost the company $2 billion a day. first, they may be able to cope
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by shipping more cargo by air. and be careful what you say around your tv. the company warns the voice recognition feature could capture conversations including personal information. passing that on to third parties. the feature normally captures voice commands to improve your viewing experience. they only share with a consumer's consent and if they turn on the voice feature. this is scary. you you can't have a private conversation but you can turn off the microphone. >> that's strange. >> that's utterly bizarre. >> landon coming to us from the east coast. no sign of letting up there which is getting inundated with snow. >> this time forecasters are predicting two feet asnof snow across new york.
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>> massachusetts have seen five feet of snow. >> meantime we're dealing with the aftermath of rain and snow over the weekend. >> a welcome sight. it really came down, christina, as you said. >> it's really great news. we're looking at seasonal averages. we're right at 100% if not more across the bay area. we needed this rain and it arrived at a crucial time. we're watching shower activity across the peninsula. not expecting a lot. today, at noon, temperatures in the 60s. one thing you probably in theed about this storm system, it packed a lot of warm air. probably didn't have a cold, winter feel across the bay area. but we have a warming trend as we head to the end of the week. make sure you grab your umbrella through the week. 63 degrees in the trivalley. 60 degrees in san francisco.
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we're in the mid to upper 70s by friday. back up to 100% average for the season if you enjoy the 70s. more on the way. friday into saturday. temperatures will stay nice and mild. live look at san jose. we have a really good looking day shaping up for you. a few shower, cloudy skies. we're looking at a late-day peek of sunshine especially up in the north bay, we'll get that earlier in the south bay and a couple showers as well. we'll take you through the changes coming your way toward the end of the week, tell ugg who might break a few temperature records. that's coming up but first back to you, sam and laura. >> thank you very much. a developing story out of egypt where 40 people are dead. the crowd went on a stampede, as crews use tier gas to stop fans from trying to enter the stadium. police say fans tried to force
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their way in outtickets, sparking clashes. police say it broke out because they only opened one door to let them in. in baghdad at least 15 people died in a suicide bombing. the man detonated an explosive-laden vest outside of one of the most crowd public restaurants in the region. 4500 people were injured in that explosion. it come after the country's prime minister lifted a kerr few that's been in place. >> today, president obama meets with president chancellor a key ally in the war on terror. it comes as the obama administration work on authorizing use of mill tear force against isis. >> the video of a jordanian pilot burn add live will have an impact. >> if anything, lighting on fire of this jordanian pilot will now
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galvanize, i hope, the arab nations to fight isis, including on the ground. >> some strategists say targeting isis in iraq and syria alone is not enough. they say the u.s. must also increase efforts to track down isis followers here at home. >> we'll keep it at home now. alabama in a potential legal showdown with the federal court over same-sex marriage. alabama's state supreme court justice roy moore issued an order to local judges to ignore the ruling. moore believes it will keep a sense of harm money in alabama until the u.s. supreme court makes its decision. and the jury trial of the man accused of kidding chris kyle, former marine eddie ray ralph was accused of killing him. kyle is a former navy s.e.a.l.
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and a selfie led police to charge a teen with murder. 16-year-old maxwell morton was charged in the shooting death of a 16-year-old boy in pennsylvania. he was arrested after sending a selfie photo of himself posing in front of the victim aes body. showing the victim with a gunshot wound to the face. the accident involving bruce jenner dispelled rumors that he was teting while driving. jenner's suv pushed a woman's car into oncoming traffic. authorities say he passed a field sobriety test. investigators will seek cell phone records to see if distracted driving played a factor. and bring in the ice. the home of the 49ers is about to transform into the home of the sharks.
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how crews are making it all happen, next. >> you see soccer, football, now hockey. that's great. over here we see wind on the bottom. s flag and we'll talk about roadway conditions that greet you this morning. coming up. and a live look outside right now at the bay bridge, the calm after the storm as folks try to start their monday getting to work. we hope it's a good one for you. good start at least. we'll be back with another look at what is going on around your area right after this break.
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it's 4:53 right now on your monday. time to start your week as we take a live look at san jose. sparse drivers getting over to work and starting their weeks anyway. not far from there a chill is descending today on leave vie stadium ahead of a hotly anticipated hockey game. >> i say that chill is coming from a refrigeration truck expected to come this afternoon, nhl ice plant will make ice for the risk between the sharks and l.a. kings. the game is happening february 21st. it will air on the nbc sports network. >> one refrigerator truck. to ice the stadium there. 4:54 there's a move to add a third lane to one direction of the eastbound upper deck. it's a plan that is currently undergoing environmental review.
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tonight a meeting is planned to discuss the proposalle. it will take place if you want to find out what they're discussing at the marin sanitary environmental center and it will be at 6:00. >> okay. want to check the morning commute is back monday morning. here you go, mike. >> good morning. we're looking toward the north bay on the san rafael side of the richmond-san rafael bridge thusly named. you see sheen on the right, still puddling and slick conditions. showers on the golden gate bridge. we'll look at the map through the area. starting to the top of the screen. oh, my goodness looking further south. mostly green. we will talk about that north bay at the top of the screen. we're looking at nevada south. millvale. no problems as far as the speed goes but slicker conditions could be a factor. you'll see green highlighting from time to time on the map where there is puddling likely left over. bay bridge on the right, on the
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left, we have eastbound where there is a slower moving vehicle and wind advisory as well for richmond san rafael and bay bridge. including san mateo. we have slowing coming out of tricia. for west 205 and 580. by the time you to altamont. things smooth out. now trees might be slipping down their. highway 39. be careful. back you to. >> saturated ground out there. nothing puddling or myrrhky for this. sam smith at the grammy awards. >> i'm having a really, really good night. >> he won four grammys including song and record of the year for his hit "stay with me" also won best new artist and pop album. >> the most when kanye west came on stage after beck won beating
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out beyonce. you remember he did similar stuff when taylor swift beat beyonce at the music awards. this time it's a head fake. 4:57. still ahead on "today in the bay." still ahead a police officer had his gun, badge stolen by a prostitute. >> plus a massive tree no match for powerful winds. the suv crashed and power pole snapped in two. our coverage of the damage from the latest storm, conditions, next.
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i had to learn how to cope with severe pain. after i signed up with a health plan through covered california, i found my doctor. they discovered some growths that they had to remove. had it been left untreated, my situation would have been much worse. i was in my doctor's office for a follow-up appointment. she looked me straight in the eye and just said, "get on with it. go live your life." that touched me. i'm in, for a healthy future. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. a startling crime. a delivering a pizza taken against her will and sexually assaulted now a teenager under arrest. >> plus questioned in regard to a suitcase stuffed with body parts now the only suspect in the crime is dead. details coming up.
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after some cities accumulated over a foot of rainfall over the weekend we have lingering showers. pattern change begins tomorrow. talking about record warmth into the week into the valentine's day weekend. the whole forecast in moments. and we have high winds and wet roads. we'll talk about how both affect your drive. a live look outside of the bay bridge a very romantic site. christina giving all men a reminder, valentine's day is coming up. it is monday, february 9th and you're watching "today in the bay." and very good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> we want to get a quick check of weather


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